"Near perfect historical fiction…" –LOS ANGELES TIMES

"Fast paced, complex…compulsive reading that informs and entertains." –BOOKLIST

"Enthralling, evocative, and entertaining…" –PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

"Compulsively readable."—THE NEW YORK PRESS

"…a great swirl of plots and counterplots. Riotously entertaining."—THE WASHINGTON POST

"Nimbly weaves fact-based history and fast-paced fiction into a vivid tableau…"—ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

"Rich, amusing, and sensual."—CHICAGO TRIBUNE

"The glitz of Broadway and the golden age of television…life in the fast lane…back then."—THE NEW YORK TIMES

"Winning, a grabber…and great good fun."—KIRKUS REVIEWS

"A fine-tuned understanding of the pulls and torments of women trying to find their own way in today's life." —HOUSTON CHRONICLE

"Sweeping…masterful…"—PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

"Genre-blending… back and forth through time…"—BOOKLIST

"Intricately woven plot with voices from the past…"—KIRKUS REVIEWS

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