I've had the joy of working with other writers for a number of years and I enjoy it very much. I get to interact with people who love to do what I love to do. Often I can be of real help to them. And they are always of help to me because I get to flex my editing muscle (to a greater or lesser degree) and that makes me a better editor of my own work, and that of the next client. What's not to like?
Essentially of course if you're a writer thinking about working with me you're seeking publication. And if you're considering having me on your team, you're after traditional publication. (I have done a little self-publishing of a few of my own old novels, but I'm no expert on that subject.).
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Bringing me to rule number one. To get a traditional publisher you need an agent. Helping you achieve that is what I do in two different ways. You can read about each of them in detail here  and here. But before you click we need to be clear about the essential difference between the two. (And why one is a lot more expensive than the other.) In one case I'm saying, “These are excellent choices of agents for you to approach with your work and here's how I think you should do it.” In the second, I am—as my salesman dad would have said—fronting you in. I am personally recommending your work to the agent and my name and reputation are going on the line with yours. Before that can happen I need to read your ms and discuss it with you in great detail. And you probably need to do some more work. Then, if and when it's ready, I will take it to some likely agents. There's no silver bullet in this business and I have none to offer. But if you're ready to take a crack at prime time, maybe we should talk.