Agent Research was started in 1997 by my late husband, Bill Martin. Back then the Internet was in its infancy and for years writers had never had any objective information about what agents had actually accomplished for their clients. (Additionally the business was full of scammers who promised the earth and had never actually sold a book to a real publisher.) Bill, whose background in the co-operative and consumer protection movements had given him a very real rage for justice, set out to change that. And did.

From the first I was involved with helping Bill's clients make decisions about which agent was likely to respond to their work, and how the writer should approach that agent.

Nowadays there's a lot more hard info out there, and most of the scammers have been driven out of the agent business. But while I do a lot more with some writers in some instances, I've learned there's still a place for even a limited application of my kind of professional input. So here's how what we used to call the Customized Fingerprint has evolved.

I will read the first ten pages and the last ten pages of your ms (I won't make editorial suggestions, but I will have some idea of your voice). I'd also like to see a single paragraph synopsis of the story. Then I'll probably ask some questions. After that I will make agent suggestions with info about the agents and my thinking, and then work on the query letter with the writer. The cost for all this is a single all-in price of $469.00. You can order that service here.