This is not my first rodeo…  I have had at least two other author sites and one devoted to a particular book (my Simon & Schuster novel, CITY OF DREAMS). To the best of my knowledge none are still able to be contacted. If they are, they're imposters and have nothing to do with me.

Those old sites were well designed and maintained for the Internet of the time, but that was then. In today's online environment being hacked is a constant and scary danger. (See no longer available websites above.)

Additionally, I lived through the online saga of my late husband's company, Agent Research & Evaluation.  When it first came into existence AR&E was truly ground breaking for writers—objective information about agents and their accomplishments on behalf of their clients when for decades there had been nothing but self-promoting fog.  Complicated by a shocking number of scammers who claimed to be literary agents but had never actually sold a book to a legit publisher.

To buttress the ground breaking argument: When Bill initially put the site on the web he had a terrible time finding a bank that would allow him to open a merchant account so he could do something almost unheard of, take credit card payments online!, because in 1997 pretty much the only other e-commerce sites were in the porn business.  That changed after a year or two and still later he switched to PayPal. It charges fair prices to the merchant and offer clients free and safe payment options. I still use them to accept payments when clients want to use a credit card.

After Bill's sudden death in early 2015, his site was hacked and its web address thoroughly corrupted (I had a lot on my plate and was not vigilant). Nowadays the only legit connection to Bill's original business is agentresearch.org. It takes you to the very site you're on now. What I do under the AR&E banner is geared to my particular skills. As for general agent information, it's available elsewhere.

All of which is to say I have learned the hard way to stay on top of what's out there in my name. And to be very careful about who does what when venturing onto the web.

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